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UAU! Long time no post!

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Dec. 9th, 2005 | 01:52 pm
music: Kimeru - Dream Lover

Well, well. It's been a while since this was updated.
Nei has seen a movie that changed her perception of the world, guys. I know I posted this in my normal journal as well, but I supposed it should be in here too under a cut.
What is the movie you may ask? What other than the Prince of Tennis Movie: Futari no Samurai The First Match?
Took a bunch of screen caps and jotted down my thoughts.

Okay. So. I took screen caps of this. Why? You'll see. This is insane.
Once upon a time, there was the sun and it's planets.

And as we pull away from the sun, we see Saturn and Jupiter and the asteroid belt.
Quickly we move to see the Milky Way galaxy in all it's ....

Tezuka glory. Apparently, Tezuka is God. We know this happens in the TV show, but now we will see the full-budget version of God's ultimate attack. What is the full potential of Tezuka Zone? We shall soon find out.
Which won't be too far away, for as Tezuka God glows, a bunch of tennis balls form around him glowing like Angels. And once his tennis Angel balls reach their limit, he releases them. And what happens?


Although the Milky Way is toast, Tezuka God has saved Earth for last. He has special Tennis plans for this planet.

The Tennis Balls have reached their target and zoom in for the attack.
On this planet we see that it is suddenly 65 million years ago, and that the dinosaurs are about to meet their maker. Alas. BUT WAIT!

Now we see why Buchou God is determined on destroying the dinosaurs. It is because his opponent in his current tennis match just happens to be standing in the middle of a stampede of dinosaurs. HE MUST BE USING THE DINOSAURS TO DEFEND HIMSELF! DESTROY!

It would appear that God's attack was strong enough not only to defeat the dinosaurs...

But also powerful enough to crush half of Earth with giant tennis ball doom.

Not to mention completely pulverize his opponent. Who explodes.

Game: Buchou God. This match was 65 million years in the making.

And that is the desruction that is Tezuka Zone. Much better with a larger budget, huh?

And now for some other highlight moments:

In the world of the Tenipuri Movie, Kikumaru is nible enough to take on Buchou-like powers and dodge bullets!

And find true lov in a completely slashy "oops I fell into you" moment. We must keep in mind that he had a good hold on the wall just before this (and make note of how happy he looks all of a sudden). He is also Kikumaru. Come on. Kaidou keeps his balance, but the series cat doesn't? I sense an ulterior motive.

He is also a total kitty-ninja in this movie, but I don't have screen caps of that.

Now the ship is going down because Kikumaru dodges bullets (SO not kidding). It's up to Tezuka-buchou God, Fuji Jesus, and Taka-san to take the lead and get people to the life boats!

...................... Um......................

Yeah. My thoughts exactly.


Presenting Ryoma's new and improved tennis SKILLZ. Yeah. Enough to blow not only your socks off, but make them disintigrate all together along with your hat, shoes, and jersy all at the same time. This is followed by floating around with Sailor Moon nudity and clouds. This is a Shounen series?

Movie END with the Seigaku regulars staring off into the sun-setting ocean on a life boat after Ryoma's brother rides off like a seagull on a jetski.

Even if you have not seen any PoT and even if you HATE it with a burning passion, at least look at these caps. This movie made me like die only not.

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sporkbot -- Rugged Heartthrob

From: sporkbotic
Date: Dec. 12th, 2005 12:37 am (UTC)

Needs more shounen bat, you tennis fags.

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Lost Love Care Bear Stare!

From: rebornangel16
Date: Dec. 12th, 2005 05:04 am (UTC)

D: There is but a SINGLE tennis fag here!
Sachi does not yet COUNT as a Tennis fag.

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